Female Fish and a Marketer's Wish

Sujayath Ali
This is a story about a marketer and an environmentalist. They have not seen each other. In fact, the marketer’s part of the story happens in 1970 whereas the environmentalist’s part happens in 2009.

Lets start in 2009. The environmentalist based out of Calgary Canada found that female fish out number male fish 9 to 1. No marks for guesses that it had something to do with chemicals; apparently chemicals present in the water even after treatment are causing this. Where are these chemicals coming from?

Flashback to 1970. The hall was full of smoke and empty alcohol bottles. Our marketer just had a bad meeting. His boss wanted him to do something that sounds impossible and the marketer was frustrated. The noble assignment was to make the whole of nation to wash their hair every day. Not just wash, but use “shampoo”. What’s the big issue, you may ask?

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Sujayath Ali
CEO & Co-founder
24 Apr, 2013667 Views